crafted with intention

We labor over each design at Avy & Co. to ensure that each cut is timeless, and imbibed in understated elegance. All of our garments are Oversized / Onesize fits most, and are designed to carry you through the many transitions of womanhood. Nothing is tight or uncomfortable, we try our very best to design comfortable dreamy pieces that are designed to be lived in. Not using standard sizing is so freeing. 

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made slow

We design slowly. We don’t follow the seasons, meaning we do not force ourselves to make a summer/spring, winter/autumn collection every year. We design slowly, and organically, introducing new styles that we believe our customers will love. We choose colourways and tones that are timeless, easy to wear, and easy to feel good in.Our studio is waste free, using our off cuts to make the drawstring bags and scrunchies that come with every order. We believe in buying quality, and buying less. We want you to love your Avy & Co. pieces, and we hope that they become mainstays in your wardrobe for many years to come.