ethical manufacturing

At Avy & Co we care deeply about the skilled seamstresses who craft our wares, and make what we do possible. Since our small beginnings in 2018 ethical manufacturing has been at the heart of our business practice. We reject mass manufacturing factories completely, and return the work back into the hands of small independent and family owned studios.

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why is it important?

Ethical production is a holistic approach to manufacturing that focuses on equality for all involved. It is about finding solutions, outside of monopolising conglomerates. It's about supporting small family owned businesses, thus ensuring that wealth is dispersed and distributed throughout the community.  We have a team of 5 exceptionally skilled tailors, who work slowly to ensure the highest quality possible. Our small manufacturing team set their own tailoring fee per garment, and this does not change, if we make batches of 20 or 200 pieces. Each seam is french seamed (no overlocking on internal seams), and double stitched for strength and longevity. Our production time frames are not rushed, and sit around 4-6 weeks. All of these points make for a healthy and happy work environment that is based in mutual trust and respect. We have engaged factories in China and Vietnam, who are able to produce at 1/10 of our current price. These factories do not provide living wages for their staff, healthy work environments, or hours. This is simply not an option for us.


In an industry rife with green washing, we realistically acknowledge that the buzzword ‘sustainable’ is predominantly used as a sales pitch. It is extremely difficult to achieve sustainability within an industry that makes new items from raw materials. The making of these raw fabrics alone, even though they are natural and organic, still take their toll on the environment at large. We are 100% committed to using natural fibres only, and use plant based dyes for our colouring. We also have a waste-free production system, ensuring that no fabric ends up in scrap, and is alternatively used to make the complimentary drawstring bags, and scrunchies that come with every purchase. We try our best to design garments that are timeless, and will not go out of fashion, each item is made to be durable and long lasting, to stand the test of time, and become mainstays in your wardrobe for many years to come. We advocate for careful consumption of goods, and embody the moto of ‘buy good quality, buy less’.

why it matters

We can proudly stand behind our statement of being environmentally aware, and 100% ethically produced. Our focal point is fair dispersion of wealth, and a celebration of artisanal skill. Resulting in an exceptionally high quality finish.  We pay a higher production price to support skilled family owned artisanal studios, instead of large factory corporations.