100% natural fibres

At Avy & Co, we use only 100% natural fibres. Right from our inception, we have been dedicated to use only natural fibres uncompromisingly in our production. 

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why natural fibres matter

Raw, and natural materials of cotton, silk and flax are spun into thread and yarn, that are then woven or knit into our natural garments. We use a combination of Linen, Cotton gauze, Cotton Crepe, Silk and Leather.The natural fibres we use for our garments are long-lasting and become softer and more cosy with wash and wear.Longevity is a core value for us, and we strive to create garments that are timeless in design, and durable with fabric and seam. 

better for you

Natural fibres are unquestionably better for you, and the environment.Human Beings have been using natural fibres to adorn our bodies since time immortal, as opposed to the synthetic counterpart, (namely Polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon etc) which have been synthetically man-made from petroleum base chemicals since the 1930s. Natural fibres allow your body, and skin to breath, they allow your body to regulate temperature correctly. They are comfortable, durable and luxurious to wear, and most importantly do not leach synthetic chemicals into your body.

better for the environment

Synthetic fibres, like polyester, acrylic, and nylon are extremely cheap to produce being made with a petroleum / plastic base. Mass manufacturers love to use these fake fibres, as it pulls the costs of production down to a nominal amount. Unfortunately for the environment this leads to a build up of unvalued fast fashion industry waste, with roughly 92 million tonnes of cheap unworn / unused synthetic garments being dumped into landfill each year. These garments being plastic based, are not biodegradable. Synthetic fibres are also the main culprit of micro plastic shedding from household washing machines. With up to 700,000 micro particles being released per washing cycle. These tiny particles are difficult for water processing facilities to remove, and the majority end up back into our waterways. Synthetic and fake fibres are hugely damaging to the environment, on a micro and macro scale. As opposed to natural fibres, that will re-enter natures circulatory system with ease, and break down back into the environment without consequence.